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Why Is Skibidi Bop Guy Death Trending On Internet? boston news

The rumor mill is churning on social media with news of the passing of Turkish TikToker Yasin Cengiz, best known for his distinctive belly dance moves.

However, the news of Skibidi Bop Guy Death is entirely fake, and the dancing influencer is healthy and alive as of February 9, 2023.

For context, Yasin Cengiz, a Turkish video creator, used the song in his belly dance videos, making the song “Skibidi Bop” viral on TikTok.

Why Is Skibidi Bop Guy Death Trending On the Internet

The rumors of Skibidi Bop Guy Death started on TikTok in January 2023 when users began posting videos of him with “RIP Yasin Cengiz” captions.

Fans and followers of Yasin Cengiz quickly spread the fake news of his death across social media, sharing old photos and clips of him as a show of support.

Yasin Cengiz countered the rumors of his death by posting a dance video on TikTok after they began circulating.

Inaccurate reports of deaths have trended on TikTok before, and Yasin Cengiz’s case is not the first.

In December 2022, rumors of Cher’s death spread on social media after the passing of her mother, Georgia Holt.

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 Skibidi Bop Guy DeathSkibidi Bop Guy Death Rumor Trending On Internet (Source: TikTok)

An obituary-style video about Cher on YouTube spread like wildfire, fueling confusion and false reports of her death. She ended the false assertions by tweeting about her grief over the loss of her mother.

Many lunatics and brain-dead people create false information, such as the death or affair of celebrities and famous names, on several social media platforms with the mere intention of gaining a view.

After his dance became viral on the Internet, these cyber frauds got another person to make false yet quickly disseminated rumors, and sadly, Yasin Cengiz fell victim to it. 

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Skibidi Bop Guy: is He Dead?

As mentioned above, the news of Yasin Cengiz, AKA Skibidi Bop Guy Death, is entirely made up by Internet Frauds to get more views. 

The mass confusion caused by recent TikTok posts and edits about Yasin Cengiz’s death has led many to believe he is no longer alive. A viral edit showed a public funeral scene with people offering flowers and a casket being carried.

A montage edit of Yasin Cengiz’s dancing was shared with the caption “RIP YASIN CENGIZ” and became viral like the other edits.

Skibidi Bop GuySkibidi Bop Guy: Viral Belly Dance (Source: Sportskeeda)

However, A simple search on either Google or TikTok will show that the news is untrue. Skibidi Bop Guy is healthy, alive, and still posting his dancing videos regularly on his TikTok Account. 

He recently posted a video three days ago where he did his viral Skibidi Bop Dance. As of this writing, the video currently has 10.1 Million views, and it was captured during snowfall in Bulgaria. 

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Yasin Cengiz, hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, is recognized for his entertaining dance clips shared with strangers he meets during his travels.

Yasin Cengiz garnered immediate online attention after he joined the video-sharing platform in March 2021. His profile @yasincengiz38 boasts over 7.3 million followers and has received over 97.7 million likes combined.

In most of his clips, Yasin Cengiz is seen dancing his belly to the tune of “Shtibidid Dom Dom Yes Yes” by Biser King.

Yasin Cengiz Yasin Cengiz: Viral Belly Dance Guy (Source: TikTok)

Due to his belly-shaking dance moves being noticed, TikToker has collaborated with various influencers and chefs while traveling the world and performing his signature moves.

Lately, he has also been getting paid advertisements and sponsorships from several renowned brands. He is also trying to deviate his audience to his other social platforms to have a sustainable entertainment career. 

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Skibidi Bop Guy Meme

In today’s digital world, social media sites such as TikTok have become a medium for many people to gain fame. On the platform, there are millions of active users who create lip-sync, dance, acting, comedy skits, or other types of videos.

The regular content is so outdated that TikTokers search for new content to attract people’s attention. As such, Skibidi Bop Guy’s belly dance was bound to go viral, as it is authentic, creative, and overall funny.

Yasin made Biser King’s Dom Dom Yes Yes song popular, and his viral belly bounce dance was immediately turned into memes. Many TikTok users created videos in Brr Skibidi Dop Dop Dop Dop Yes Yes Yes Yes lyrics of the song.

The users also impersonated Cengiz’s huge belly, with some stuffing their shirts to make their stomachs look like his. Many overweight TikToker also followed his trend on the platform.

Thanks to him, netizens were even searching for Dom Dom Yes Yes song’s lyrics online. It wasn’t the first time the track was used as a TikTok trend.

For instance, before Yasin, the song was used for a TikTok trend among females putting glasses, pulling their shirts over their heads, and bouncing their breasts.

Still, Dom Dom Yes Yes songs gained widespread attention after Yasin Cengiz’s viral belly bounce cover. Later, his content began to be adapted into English-speaking memes.

Skibidi Bop Guy MemeYasin Cengiz doing his viral belly dance (Source: TikTok)

For example, one user used Yasin’s dance to her “misheard song lyric speech bubble” video. Not just that, he was also green-screened into other various meme templates, and this practice is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, when you get famous, you get subjected to multiple controversies. Sadly, for the TikTok user, he has been the victim of death hoaxes these past few days.

It’s inhumane and disgusting behavior to spread rumors of somebody’s death when the said person is alive and healthy. Thankfully, Cengiz is alive and not dead, as assumed by many netizens.

Hopefully, we will get to see the Turkish TikToker creating more unique and funny trends in the upcoming days.

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