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Why Was Joe From American Jewelry And Loan Arrested? boston news

Joe From American Jewelry And Loan was Arrested as he was accused of stealing gold fragments from the shop by the store owner.

Joel ‘Big Joe’ Shannon was American Jewelry and Loan’s security director. For taking scrap gold, he was detained and subsequently dismissed from the program. Big Joe currently owns and operates Hi-Gear Trucking in Livonia, Michigan. 

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He’s famed for his fast wit and even quicker one-liners, and he’s on a never-ending comedy tour with Seth and Les.

“Big Joel” is the glue that ties the pawnshop together, whether he’s making the crowd laugh or defending the shop with his typical stern guy demeanor.

Why Was Joe From American Jewelry And Loan Arrested? 

Joe was a former American Jewelry and Loan team member at a pawnshop in Detroit’s 8 Mile Road area. Joe’s deeds came up with him when he was arrested for stealing gold fragments. 

It’s unclear what Joe stole from the pawnshop or how much they were worth. Unfortunately, his activities led to his dismissal from the Company and legal ramifications. During the filming of “Hardcore Pawn,” Joe’s heist was not recorded on camera.

Joe From American JewelryJoe From American Jewelry And Loan (Source: Facebook)

This resulted in his dismissal from the show. On the other hand, Joe has changed gears and is now the owner and operator of Hi-Gear Transportation, a truck and transportation firm in Livonia, Michigan. 

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Joe is navigating life in the driver’s seat of his firm, surrounded by the affection of his wife, Felice and their children.

“Hardcore Pawn” debuted on TruTV in August 2010 and lasted eight seasons, ending in April 2015. The show gave viewers an inside look into American Jewelry and Loan’s everyday operations and the problems its owners and workers encounter.

With the show’s end, numerous cast members have pursued other endeavors. Les Gold wrote a book titled “For What It’s Worth: Business Advice From A Pawnbroker” and appeared as a business expert on various TV shows. 

Meanwhile, Seth Gold has continued to work in the pawnshop industry, owning and operating Gold Standard Pawn.

Where Is Joe From American Jewelry And Loan? What Did He Do?

Hardcore Pawn specializes in American Jewelry and loans. While some believe the show is a sham, American Jewelry and Loan is a legitimate pawn business. According to authorities, Joe from Hardcore Pawn was never apprehended.

The chief of security (Seasons 1-6) was arrested and fired after being seen on tape gathering scrap gold. Incident’s sixth season finale aired.

Joe From American JewelryHardcore Pawn Cast Members (Source: Thecinemaholic)

Security Director (Season 1) In the first episode, he played the long-serving security chief. He was, however, sent home after improperly kissing a team member. 

While he was welcomed back after his interim ban, he barely appears a couple more times in season 1 before disappearing in season 2.

Big Joe owns and operates Hi-Gear Transportation, a trucking and transportation firm in Livonia, Michigan. He lives with his family, including his wife Felice and their children.

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Where Is Les Gold? Co-owner Of American Jewelry And Loan stores

Les Gold, co-owner of American Jewelry and Loan businesses, rose to prominence on television after appearing on ‘Hardcore Pawn.’

Following the show’s completion, Les went on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ to demonstrate his culinary abilities and ‘LeagueOne: In the Spotlight!’ Les also extended his firm after the show ended. 

Les indicated his desire to create more American Jewelry and Loan locations in and around Detroit in 2019. He also stated that he has no plans to retire.

When asked if he would watch ‘Hardcore Pawn’ again, the television celebrity said he is open to the possibility.

Les established additional pawnshops in Southgate and Lincoln Park, both in Wayne County, Michigan, in 2021. Furthermore, he has been an enthusiastic participant – on behalf of the firm – in charitable activities in Detroit, such as Wigs For Kids. 

Now, Les is focused on expanding his pawnshop network and works relentlessly with his son Seth to improve the family business, which employs over 200 people.

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