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Xitsonga Musician Wants To Led South Africa boston news

Breaking News: The famous renowned Xitsonga musician Benny Mayengani has officially announced the formation of his own new political party. The party has been named as the Action Alliance Development Party (AADP). Mayengani, who once served as the PR Councilor for the City of Johannesburg within the Johannesburg Chamber, is about to start a new phase in his political career. In October 2019, Mayengani, who was initially associated with the EFF when he took on his function in 2016, decided to step down from his capacity as the EFF’s PR Councilor. He then formally joined the African National Congress (ANC) in February 2020, associating himself with the government party of the nation. To know everything about this controversy. We have done a lot of research and we have gathered dozen of detail of this controversy. Read the whole article to know every single piece of information about this controversy. So let us now continue this article.

benny mayengani political party

Benny Mayengani Political Party

Even though he entered politics, Mayengani’s musical career still plays a significant role in his life. In a statement released on Monday, Hlayisani Nkhwaxu, the AADP’s national spokeswoman, assured the public that Mayengani’s political aspirations would not interfere with his musical career. As he always does, Mayengani plans to keep putting out albums and doing performances at various gatherings, festivals, and gigs. Now scroll down to the next paragraph to know more about this controversy.

benny mayengani

Since he had previously been a member and councilor of other political parties and wanted to serve the people of South Africa, President Mayengani believed it was important to create his own party in the democratic nation of South Africa. The creation of his party won’t have any impact on his music career; he will keep releasing albums as usual and has promised not to discuss or wear his party garb while performing at events, festivals, or gigs, according to Nkhwaxu.

Xitsonga Musician Benny Mayengani

Additionally, Nkhwashu declared that the newly created party would run in the 2024 presidential elections. In August, he claimed, Mayengani would announce both the executive team and the party’s full programs. During the party’s official debut on Saturday, 5 August 2023, President Benny Mayengani will be announcing all his plans to serve South Africa, AADP policies, and a program of action as well as announce his party’s NEC members and leaders of the provinces, Nkhwaxu added. So this was all about this article. We have shared every single piece of information about this new controversy. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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